Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fabulous Chandelier Stencil!

I am in LOVE with my new Shabfabulous chandelier stencil!
 I am painting chandeliers on anything with a surface!
 The holidays are a perfect time to add a bow to almost anything!
This bow is a mix of lace and burlap with a pretty black and white photo to add that vintagey touch...
ohhh la la!
 I created this sign out of an antique school desk top,
to add to our Farmgirl Sisters cottage sale...
the cottage is being fluffed and dazzled up and let me tell you, we have over 1,000 ornaments!!!!
To see more of the cottage go to the Farmgirl Sisters new blogpsot...
I had the chance to do something kind for a stranger today...
what a wonderful feeling!
Be a blessing and please stop by Faded Charm 
for White Wednesday!

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