Saturday, June 15, 2013

Victorian hand towels

 Hello my darlings and Happy Pink Saturday!
This week I worked on some darling Shabbydazzle pink Victorian hand towels.
I really needed something to dress up my pink powder room!
 They are hand washable as I made the big rose in the center to come off.
Although I would suggest that they are primarily to show off and not be used much.
I found the most gorgeous venetian lace at our local Victorian store! It was lace love at first sight!!
I have also been working on some new floral arrangements.

Isn't this little cherub a little doll?
 I made the yummiest Duncan Hines double chocolate fudge cake with home made icing for my hubby for Father's Day!!! He ate three pieces!!!
 I am pretty sure the way to my mans heart is through his stomach.
Happy Pink Saturday!!
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