Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Decorating Party!
All it took for me to whip out my fall decorating magic wand, was a rainy day and temperatures below the 90's! 
I was so excited to begin my fall decorating I completely tore apart my dining room and redecorated with fall colors!
I gave my mother in law my corner cabinet so I hauled in this darling hoosier cabinet I had in the garage. I found some cornucopia baskets at the Pink Door today for cheap, I shabbied them and stuffed them full of white flowers with fall leaves delicately mixed in.
 I wanted to blend whites with shabby fall colors, I am still on the hunt for some beautiful gold and orange roses!
Of course I could not resist adding a pretty garland to my chandy!
Now, I must find a fabulous fall tablecloth and napkins to create a beautiful table setting.
 Ok, now I will show you my corny stuff that I do for the kids...
This is my little cutie pumpkin, he blinks on and off (also covers up ugly cords in the corner)
My son LOVES little light up houses (to be honest so do I). I found this little darling at a tag sale yesterday and I could not pass it up!
Please bear with me, I adore change, mainly because as a busy mom so much of my day is filled with routine. So yes, I change up my home and my blog least you will not get bored visiting me! Please let me know how you do Shabby Chic "Fall" at your home.
The seasons in my life are ever changing and my home tends to reflect this...
This Shabby Vintage Chic is partying with 
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Have a lovely and blessed day!

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