Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shabby Rose Dreamin...
As a stay at home wife and mother I know that this is the most important job in my life right now and I am thankful a million times over for all of my blessings!
 As much as I love my beautiful life, I realize that if I am not careful I can easily lose touch with "me" admist making sure my family is loved, happy and well cared for.
 I would like to show and tell you about one of my dreams. I absolutely looovvvve the Romantic Country (Homes) style and magazine! I have my magazines stationed everywhere in my house and I am not kidding you... a stash in my living room, office area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, purse, car anywhere I might have a quick couple of minutes to cruise around and get ideas...

 When a new issue comes out I read it over and over and then carry it around with me everywhere like it is my "blankey", giggle.  I asked my husband to pick up an issue for me at Wallgreens...he came home with the wrong magazine and said the new Romantic Country was not out yet. My sweet hubby is amazing but not really at finding things, I have to help him and the kids find everything. So naturally, I went back to Wallgreens to find Romantic Country and lo and behold there was the brand spanking new issue just waiting for me!!!! I seriously convinced the lady to let me exchange the magazine. She did! Whoo hoo!

I am such a cheapo, but when it comes to this magazine ($8) I bite the bullet and splurge on one every month,  (when I find them at garage sales or thrift stores I go crazy with delight!)

My grown up mommy dream would be to style or write for one of my favorite magazines. 

I know what you are thinking (LONG SHOT) but really, might as well shoot for the moon even if I miss I have a chance of landing amidst the stars and that would be allright with me! Right now I am going to continue enjoying my life as a wife and mother! Thanks for stopping by to do a little Shabby Rose Dreaming with me! Thank you to Cindy at for hosting Show and Tell Friday! A special thank you to Beverly at for hosting Pink Saturday!
The biggest thanks goes out to the American Soldiers for dying for our freedom! We salute and honor you for your courage and strength in all you do!
God Bless the United States of America!


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