Monday, September 20, 2010

An Edearing Cherub

Hello Friends!
I was at a church fundraiser and I found this pretty cherub vase.
I was paying and the man helping me kept looking at this cherub and then looking back at me...he told me he had given this to his wife as a gift,the wife informed him she did not like cherubs. I felt terrible for the man as he seemed somewhat burly, and not one to buy a delicate cherub vase.
 I adore cherubs and told the man, I thought it was beautiful
Not only did I get a bargain on a darling vase I took the mans story as a reminder gift, that my husbands heart can be as tender as mine and to tread lightly.
As practical and unemotional as my own husband, Mr. Romantic, may seem, my actions and words have a deeper impact than I may realize. Ladies, tread lightly on your husbands hearts and be thankful when they do express themselves in a romantic way.
On a lighter note, 
I did have to fluff up the cherub vase with a wave of my magic Shabby Chic paint brush...

Make it Fabulous for Less Tip~I always keep a can of regular old Wal-Mart Latex paint around in white and antique white. I do alot of Shabbying items white and it is not cost effective for me to use spray paint on everything. Brush painting will save you alot of money in paint, try not to get frustrated, some items do take several coats with the brush.  Also, remember if you are distressing the item the paint job does not need to be perfect... a little messy is ok!

Since it is Monday, I think we need a little eye candy to get our day going!
And a strong cup of coffee to wake us up!
I am addicted to flavored creamers! 
My favorite right now is Carmel Vanilla Cream!

Have a lovely and beautiful day! Don't forget to hug and kiss your sweetie! 
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