Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marie Antoinette Hat

Oooohh La la!
How can we resist going over the top for Halloween!
Marie Antoinette fits perfectly into the "High Style" category...

With thoughts of over the top frilly gorgeousness I created this
pretty vintage hat!
I tried it on to make sure it was wearable!
I am crazy over the moon for vintage coats and chunky jewelry beads for fall!

Tons of over the top flowers set on a vintage hat base with pretty white lace edging.
It does not take much for me to let go and do over the top!

This is the new antique secretary Mr. Romantic and I picked up on our latest junkin adventure!
Surprise! He shabbied it for me...
True Love you know!

Of course will all of this fabulousness we can't forget to accessorize our pretty hangers!
More over the top Marie Antoinette inspired hanger!

I just know you are all having one amazing week...
remember if you are given lemons turn it into lemonade,
at the very least make it look pretty!
I will be joining

A house in the Roses

Faded Charm

Big hugs,

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