Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shabby Budget Organizing

Hello my lovelies!
Clutter control patrol is on the loose in my bathroom.
The challenge?
My bathroom is where everybody in the house gets ready.
It only has two spots to store bathroom essentials. 
Also, I wanted to be thrifty and use what I already had to make this work!
For daily essentials I used jelly jars with labeled Shabby Chic Tags from Michael's (12 pk for $1).
I already had these jars and my dear friend Lorena gave me this pk of tags.
Aren't they cute?!?!?!
 Next, I used a hanging organizer behind my bathroom door 
to store bathroom essentials that constantly got lost in bins under the sink!
I labeled each pocket so everybody knows where to find an item 
and where it needs to go when they are done using it.
 Underneath my sink always looks like a bomb went off
 because my towels were always mixed together, jumbled and falling out.
I used two baskets that I already had and then I used a 
cute dollar tree basket to separate the hand towels and wash cloths.
Tagged and labeled!!
Whoo Hoo!
 There you go! 
Shabby cheap and cheerful organizing on a budget!
 I will be joining 


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