Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dollar Bin Organizing

Hello my lovelies.
I am on an organizing kick...AGAIN!
Here is a lovely Shabby organizing idea from
Her blog, craft room and creations are GORGEOUS! 
Now this is beautiful creative clutter!

Time to clean out drawers, closets, pantry and garage!
I will be visiting the dollar tree to purchase some cute organizing bins
 (hopefully in pink) 
 These are all dollar $1 tree containers!
Yummy candy colored containers to make all of my organizing dreams come true!

Of course to make things cute, I need some really awesome tags!
I find these darling Shabby Tags in the dollar section of the craft Michael's Craft Store.
So, I am off to get things really organized in my home!
I will post pictures as I go.
Wish me luck!
I hope I do not get distracted and start decorating instead of cleaning!!!!!

I am joining 


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