Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shabby Chic Office

Hello lovelies!!!!
This week I worked on fluffing up my Shabby Chic Office!!
I have had this idea for the pretty curtain floating around in my head for awhile!
This is actually a tiny spot behind my couch in the living room! LOL~~
Since I am the one who works at home, I decide it needed to be Shabbydazzled!!!
These are all of the florals I use in my creations!!!! 
I have a little blessings sign in front of my keyboard!
For me, it is a blessing to be able to create!!!!
All my darling sugarplums who buy my treasures are just over the top sweet to me!! 

If you love gorgeous romantic creations you will have to stop by and see

Crystal is so kind to host a Facebook page
called Bella Chic Barter and Boutique where all of us girlies who love pink get together to buy and sell!!!
Below are some of Crystal's Jeweled bottle creations!
Click here to find
Don't you love this gorgeous over the top drippy crystal cherub lamp!!!
Crystal is just as sweet as her beautiful treasures she creates!!!!
I just love to find other artists who are as beautiful as their creations.
If you have a moment stop by and visit her shop!!!!
Crystal's Rose Cottage Chic

Also, I am going to put together a parade of Romantic Christmas homes.
I would love to see pictures of your Romantic Christmas trees and holiday homes as it gets closer to that time!!!
Have a beautiful and blessed Pink Saturday!!!


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