Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pretty in Pink Inspiration and Dreams!

Happy Pink Saturday!
I would like to share something with you...
 I grew up in a very small town. 
We were 20 miles from the closest grocery store.
We also did not have cable TV.
My world was very small.
  As a child I always loved creating artistic collages and crafts. 
As much as I loved art, I have always believed it to be more of a ~hobby~.
I still live in a fairly small world. 
However, through blogging, I have discovered a beautiful world of talented creative artists that have expanded my thinking toward art.
I read blogs and then see these women published in magazines and it just tickles my creative bone to no end!
Check out this magazine of talented artists when you have the chance...
Two of the ladies featured in this magazine, are very inspirational
This magazine is a bit pricey, I really can't afford the splurge, but I visit our bookstore with the kids and devour inspirational magazines while there. Maybe just maybe one day I might get in one of these super cool magazines.
Anyhoo, thank you to all the creative bloggers and artists out there who encourage me through their gorgeous blogs and lovely comments! Maybe my dreams aren't as far outta reach as my little world makes me think...
What fuels your dreams?
Happy Pink Saturday!
Thank you to our lovely hostess Beverly!
 Dreaming of this pretty bag...

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