Friday, September 2, 2011

Shabby Chic Lamp Shade Satin Rosette

Hello Darling friends!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Think twice before you throw out that outdated, snagged or
ill fitting lingerie!

I picked up a plain pink and white gingham lamp shade at the "Pink Door".
I knew it needed some fluff soooooo, I dipped into my pretty Shabby lace collection!
I layered lace like a waterfall from the top of the lamp shade all the way down.

Next I created this beautiful silky rosette out of the trim of
an ill fitting nightie shirt, too pretty to throw away, I knew it would have a future use.
I cut a 1 inch piece from the hem of the shirt top all the way around, so I would not have frayed edges. I then carefully made a pretty rosette taking care to leave the hemmed edge on the outside.

I had enough to make a pretty rosette attached to a clippy for my hair!
Oh so pretty and breathtakingly shabby!
I will be sharing this with

How Sweet the Sound

Happy Pink Saturday my lovely friends!

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