Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today I will be sharing photos from my home! 
Of course it is always changing as I work on different 
areas and rearrange, paint and make different displays. 
This photo is from my Treasure Hunting Tuesday....
things that are not going into my booth yet.
The sweetest Shabby Lampshade found a home on my .50 cent crystal lamp.
I just adore these rose plates! 
I bartered with my friend Lorena to get them!
I also found this sweet darling Cherub dish, I think that will go in my bathroom.
The teacup and saucer was only $2.50 at our Main Street Booth, I could not contain 
my excitement over the bargain!!!! Also, notice my pretty new tablecloth that I picked up for $1.~ I have been dying to have one of these pretty tablecloths.
This is the top of my cabinet! I just love the birdhouse, handmade and very wonky!

This is part of my finished white kitchen cabinets! This is the cabinet above the stove. More to come of the cabinets soon!
 Sweet pink apron ~ Libraray Thrift store find for $2
 My pretty tablecloth!
I love this lamp, I found it at a flea market in Ozark and sprayed the base white... ooooh la la!
Darling Tea Cart I got at a garage sale for $3 , I still need to find plants for it!
A pot outside my house with wild shabby flowers!
Probably my best find ever and all you thrifty gals will appreciate this.... FREE! If I would just haul it off.... I was HAPPY to! The whole set took two trips but well worth it!
A darling box embellished by my new friend Cheryl!
Check back to see more pics from my house!
Have a Lovely Evening ~
Throw a pebble in... you would be surprised at how big the wave of change will be!

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