Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pink Saturday Feature ~Teacup Chandelier~!

My toes are twinkling with excitement!
I adore the color pink, anything romantic, and of course Shabby Chic! I am honored to be featured on Beverly's Pink Saturday Post!
My latest crafty creation...
A Teacup Chandelier!!! (A work in progress I may add)
This little cutie was found for $3 at a tag sale, I primed her up and used my heavy duty glue to keep the teacups on!
I am going to add lots of pretty crystals, beads and whatever else fabulous and fluffy I can find!
I did not have matching teacups to spare sooooooo 
I used mismatched...isn't wonky what Shabby Chic is all about!
Did you know I have a pink laundry room and powder room?
Ohhh and I adore this pretty in pink shoe!

Painting and creating is my outlet for many things!
I am thankful for Jesus who is my rock!
Thank you again to Beverly at 
for the Fabulous Pink Saturday Feature!
I read every single comment and they really make my day!
I will also be partying with these darling Chics!
Squishy Hugs,

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