Friday, September 14, 2012

Candy Pink Santa Dolls

Hello my lovelies!!
I am creating Candy Pink Santa Dolls for all my ladies and their Shabby Chic Cottages!
They are turning out just darling!!!
I love this Santie with his fluffy beard and smoochie cheeks!!!

Oh so regal and fluffed up in all his pink!!!
I hope I get a visit from the Pink Santie this year!!
Of course he needs a matching reindeer and crown!!!
Lots of candy pink, lace, pearls, trims and ruffles!!
Pink Reindeer!!
I know it is early to be thinking about Pink Christmas, but this Mrs. Claus has to start saving up her pennies to help Santa make the toys for the little darlings this year!! 
It's going to be a Candy Pink Christmas in my cottage this year!!!

~~(I am taking custom orders right now)~~
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I will be partying with 

Big squishy hugs,

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