Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pink Christmas preparations

Hello lovely friends! 
I have begun to create sparkling Pink Christmas ornaments for my Etsy Shoppe and hopefully to be ready for the holiday season!
It always seems like I never have enough time to create and decorate everything so this year I am starting early, lol!

I have been on an angel kick lately and trying to "use what I have" of all the bits and bobs craft supplies!
For this darling angelic creation I used a wooden base and MANY hand rolled roses...
Not something I probably have the patience for again but it ended up really cute!
I am already getting ready for Pink Christmas as it always seems to surprise how busy the season is and how I always wish I had more time.
How early do you start getting ready?

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world.
Praying your week is beautiful and blessed,

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