Sunday, August 22, 2010

Victorian Romance Obsession!
With fall around the corner I have begun to add some darker pieces into my normally "white" Shabby decorating style. This vignette, I used an old dark door and hung a piece of lace over the panes, topped with a pretty Shabby white mirror.
I have also fallen in love with British Victorian movies such as,
Wives and Daughters
Inspired by the Victorian Homes in the movies, I have decided to blend my Shabby Chic with some Victorian flair. 
I have a bit of a challenge in my living room, I have painted everything off white and I have two very large beautiful very dark brown leather sofas that I want to use until my kids are older. So, I am trying to blend cream accents with darker woods.
 My die hard Shabby Chic ways are going I am craving color like crazy!
For example I painted this beautiful mirror I picked up at a tag sale for $3 a  pretty bluish green. I am not sure where to put it yet.
I also picked up these two dark brown chairs for $2.50 each and it is all I can do to refrain myself from painting them white...maybe pink or blue... what do you think?
I also picked up this beautiful rose ottoman for $5 at a tag sale... for fall I think I might leave the fabric and just shabby the legs...
I am off to do a little more Romantic Victorian Dreaming!
Have a relaxing blessed Sunday!

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