Friday, April 30, 2010

Pretty in Pink Powder Room!
Oh my! I am oh so excited to share my pretty pink powder room with you!
Happy Pink Saturday! I just adore PINK!
Ok....lets have a peek....
The walls are a soft powder puff pink, the shower curtain is Rachel Ashwell
with a romantic lacy overlay!
A pretty Victorian Lady planter accented by a crushed rose sits on
 top of my wall shelf! So sweet!

 Pretty Iron accent I painted white and accented with a shabby rose garland.
Oooohhh this is one of my favorite shabby french tables with a
shabby drawer from an old hoosier cabinet stuffed with Romantic Country magazines.
I have to have an inspiring magazine while having a bubble bath...
Oh so Shabby and Chippy! The table and drawer would be cute stripped and painted
but I kind of like them in their original "loved" condition, for now anyway!
A pretty Victorian framed card!
A Beautiful scrolly mirror...reminds me of Snow White~
Pretty Drippy Crystals I added to overhead light that I painted white~ Oh la la!

Darling Tea set I found today so delicate with glass roses!
A pretty little towel to dry pretty princess fingers!
My favorite spot to a toasty bubbly bath!
A sweet cupid soap dish to hold rose scented soaps!

Oooohhhh Laa Laa Pretty in Pink Powder Room!
I just love pink and I hope you enjoyed the tour of my romantic dreamy bathroom!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by and you can see more pretty pink treasures at .
Happy Pink Saturday my sweet friends and may your day be full of lovliness!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Living Room Armoire Reveal!
Thank you Cindy at for hosting Show and Tell Friday!
 I am going to show and tell my pretty new Armoire!
I have been going crazy trying to find a cabinet/armoire
to conceal my giant un shabby tv in my living room!
 I finaaly found this $10 broken armoire at a tag sale! Do you see the potential?
 (ignore my garage messy studio in the background).
Before Makeover Pic~
1.I removed the doors and wood glued the broken one back together.
2. I primed the entier cabinet with a REALLY good primer.
3. I put 2 coats of white latex paint on the entire thing, inside outside and the back.
4.After painting I put doors back on and spray painted knobs and hardware.
WAAA LAAAA! A pretty shabby cabinet!

Before Makeover Pic~
Below is the big giant ugly black box I want to conceal!

 Swoon worthy in my opinion!
 Especially once I add some pretty shabby chic details!
I am jumping up and down over the ability to close the doors on the TV!
A Pretty Picture of my Living Room....
not done yet, but much better don't ya think!
My husband remarked when he got home tonight...WOW
the living room is officially shabbed out!
We did have to sacrifice our 42 " tv for a 25 " tv our big one
was a couple of inches too small to my family's dismay... I thought my
husband would be upset but he acted like he really did not mind?!
(Although, when we changed it out he seemed a bit irritable, maybe it was
because I dropped the giant tv on my finger and I acted like a big baby, but it was really heavy!)
This is the other side of my living room.
I really am wishing I had big beautiful fluffy white sofas or slipcovers,
 but for now the pretty chenille blankets will have to work.
If I can wait patiently for an armoire I can wait for two large slipcovers
at a next to nothing price....remember I am on a budget!
Thank you so much for stopping by! 
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 I will see you again on Pink Saturday I will be featured at
and I will be sharing my Pretty in Pink Bathroom with you!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shabby Chic Candlestick!
Good Morning! Today is going to be a beautiful day! I can hear the birds chirping and I found my camera that I lost after I cleaned and organized my cupboard...Sheeessshhhh.
Well I am going to join for White Wednesday!
I adore this darling rusty shabby scrolly heavy iron candlestick!
I have this display in my entryway hall, I thought the chippy chair accented the white well~
This large painting is of Madonna and Child, it is overly dramatic but I could not resist (ssshhhh I got is for a $1 at a garage sale, the frame alone is swoon worthy!).
Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my rusty white treasure!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Sweet Cupboard Cleanup!
Hello! I wanted to share with you my afternoon activity!
I have a very cool old Hoosier Cupboard that I keep all my crafty projects and misc goodies in.
Lately I have been doing some heavy dumping on it.
Before Cleanup
After Cleanup
I am actually kind of hoarding this cabinet, I planned to put it into my booth when a big item sold but I always seem to find something else. LOL! I love the cutting board pull out and it has such wonderful deep storage and ohhhhh it is so pretty with the pretty shabby rose decorations (all incredible thrifty finds)! I painted the Roses sign a little wonky but cute.

Well, it is my dear husbands day off so I have to keep my crafting and blogging to a minimum! Hope you enjoyed my cupboard cleanup. I wonder how long it will stay clean??
Check back (I am reaaaalllllllyyyyyy hoping my dear husband will hang some chandeliers and move my shabby cabinet in)!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sweet Dream Bedroom Update!
Good Morning and Happy Blessed Sunday!
After all of my treasure hunting this weekend I then had to find a new home for my goodies! My bedroom is not completely shabbed out, I am trying not to turn it into a pink and white puffy heaven just yet anyway.
The two chairs are an old junkin find repurposed by my sweet friend Sue. I added a table in between the chairs to have something fun to pile goodies on. I was concerned about the metal chairs at the end of the bed, thinking my dear husband would wack his leg on them and he did. He still told me the room looked really good. AWWWW~
My sweet little sign was $1 I used a $2 mirror for a tray and it fit perfect on the little table. The vintage hat $1 and the gloves make me swoon, it is hard to see them but they are cream leather with a soft cutout.
To my glee I found two feather wreaths!  I got them for $2 and then yes I did it again...SQUEAL!!!! My junkin best friend once again had to look around for a table to hide under! LOL
Anyway I decided to use one above my bed...the other one HAS to go into my booth.
I also added a mirror to one side of the room to make it appear larger. The bedspread overlay is $1 tag sale find...I did not know if it would fit, but I think it works! I would love to have the more expensive version but you know me I wait until I can get it cheap!
This is a sweet cabinet my husband built out of old barn wood. The birdcage was an old find for $3 and the mannequin was $15 she was originally in my booth and got broken so I took her home and put my good one in the booth, that is why she is all propped up. The chandelier is really neat, I am waiting for my dear husbands day off to hang it for me! LoL
Junkin Chandelier $5 Yippee I am thinking of painting it white??
A sweet little corner chair coceals a really giant fan we use in the summer and also to help us sleep.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my little bedroom tour~
The scripture for the week I am teaching my kids and I will share with you is
"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want"
Psalm 23:1
Says alot in just a couple of words. My prayer is to trust God with all of my needs, to really know and believe that he is there for me every step of the way. (Many time I try to be the one leading when it should really be God, sigh....)
Well, I hope you all have a beautiful and Blessed day!
Please check back for more shabby goodness!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Junk Haulin on Pink Saturday!
Good morning! I treasured hunted all day yesterday and I am up with the birds again this morning waiting for a sale to open that has webkinz for my little angels!
A wise friend of mine told me to get the little ones collecting something and they will want to tag sale with you! For us it is webkinz! Yippeee!
Today I will share with you some of the Pink Goodies around my house!
This is a darling pink gingham apron I have on the side of my hoosier cabinet in my kitchen~

A collage of treasure hunting items the pink platter on the left turned out to be really old and I hung it in my living room~
Don't forget about the pretty teapot on the left, it is my April giveaway....sign up to follow and make a ton of comments!
This is a really cool stand up ancient lamp that is outside of my house, it is a darling shade of old pink~
My little pink bunny all ready for spring!
Well tootle LOO I am off to do a little junk haulin treasure hunting! Wish me luck!
Thank you Beverly at for hosting Pink Saturday!
 Check back for more out of control Shabby Goodness!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Sweet Nesting Cherub!
Good Morning and Happy Friday! 
I fell asleep too early so now I am up with the birds and cherubs! I will share with you my newest angelic addition! 
AFTER a visit to the Shabby Chic Beauty Salon! I found this little beauty for $1 at a tag sale and I could see that a coat of white paint would make it Fabulous!
I found the little nest at a tag sale, it fit perfectly in the arms of the cherub and then I added the pretty roses, I think it is a nice touch although the nest could be changed out for a candle or even a delightful sweet treat!
It found its final home on my Shabby Buffet to the left next to my lamp and wedding picture...
Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!
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