Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shabby Pink Lamp Rescue!
Happy Pink Saturday! I have been out garage saleing this morning so I am posting a bit later than usual! I am in the business of junk hauling  treasure hunting so when I get bored of things I just switch them out for something new that I have found. I have a darling shabby pink lamp that I tried to take into my booth and then my son said "mommy no you cannot sell this lamp, you are taking away all of our memories".  I told him, " honey we can't keep everything. " The next day guilt set in and I hurried back to my booth to pull out our oh so sweet shabby "memory" lamp.

I found this little beauty in the off season at a flea market and painted its base white. The shade is a light pink and it casts the prettiest glow at night. Funny what little things create memories in our childrens minds...I had no idea my son really noticed the lamps and such. My family goes along with all of my shabbying of the house and they must enjoy it more than I thought~ Giggle

These are my little memory makers...
(my little guy in the center is the one who "missed the lamp")

Well, my memory makers and house need my attention! Have a lovely pink Saturday and a blessed Sunday! Big squishy hugs to Beverely at for letting all of us pinkies get together!

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