Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Treasure Hunting Tuesday!
My best treasure hunting comrade, Lorena!
 Lorena's husband...Action Figure Ted
My Favorite Thrift Store the Pink Door!
This teapot was my super find of the Day!
Well, today was treasure hunting Tuesday and what a day of adventures for me and my friends! We started with our usual round of thrift stores (not much collected on our usual rounds). We took the kids to the park to have an impromptu picnic and playdate and then decided to head out to the boonies to do some freestyle treasure hunting! Lorena found this beautiful rose teapot for me and it was love at first sight... even though it had a note covering the spot where the handle should be which I later found inside the teapot. The note read something like this... Teapot was originally $125 and was damaged by UPS in shipping. I got it for only $2 !!!!!!!!! Of course this made my day! I am going to glue its sad little handle on turn it to the side and call it good. Next we went to a darling little store called Whirlygigs...
Above is the cool lady who owns Whirlygigs, I am going to go back and take more pictures and buy some stuff next time. The kids were making it very hard to shop in comfort. 
After Whirlygigs we headed out to some garage sales...one of the ladies had wolves as pets?!? 

A little scary for me. I did find some very pretty antique lampshades.
Anyway even though I did not find a whole bunch of stuff I got to go on a nice drive through the Ozarks and have some good times with good friends!
Check back for more adventures!

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