Saturday, April 10, 2010

 Featured Artist of the Week!
My Featured Artist for week 2 is Carla Parazine! 

She is such an amazing painter, crafter, gardener, Christian wife and mother, and mother in law!  Carla lives in a beautiful home a beautiful home in Arkansas. She paints with oils and acrylics and has showcased her work in local galleries and supplied Cracker Barrel with darling signs! 
Carla's First Oil Painting!
Can you believe this was her first oil painting???!!! 
 This vase of flowers is one of my favorites!

I had the opportunity to stay in her home last year and see first hand her beautiful paintings and they are breathtaking! Thank you Carla for sharing your heart through your art and for being such a wonderful hostess when we visited!
These are the flowers Carla grew on her back porch!
I would give anything to have her live closer to teach me how to cook and garden!
And of course she is multi talented... she is an absolute amazing cook! Check out the darling cake Carla and her daughter Shea created...
Thank you Carla for being my featured artist of the week!


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