Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shabbydazzle Accent Pillow Tutorial

Hello my sweet and beautiful friends!
I have been working on some Shabbydazzle accent pillow creations to romance my home and to put in my little frou frou Etsy Shoppe!

 Shabbydazzle Accent Pillow Tutorial

Plain Accent Pillow
3 Smaller size silk roses, rose buds, hydrangea or any other faux flower you fancy
Satin Ribbon
Small satin roses
Wedding dress applique
bling accents
Hot glue and hot glue gun

Start with your fancy wedding dress applique and hot glue it a couple inches from the top of your pillow. Leave room for your roses at the top. 
Take your satin ribbon and glue it all around the applique gathering it just slightly as you glue it around the edges for a trimmed out effect.
Use about 3 small roses at the top. Glue them right above the wedding dress applique close together with one in the center and two slightly higher on each side.
Tie some bows and pick them in and around the roses adding your smaller satin roses to the center of the bows. Add in rose buds or any other accent flowers you fancy.
Tie more bows and glue on each outside edge of the roses, in the center of your pillow and at the base.
Add in some pretty accent pearls and bling to fancy up your roses and bows.
Get creative and have fun!

Email me with photos of the pillows you create at
Happy Creating!
Hugs and sparkles,

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