Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning!
I love my first cup of coffee! I make a strong pot and then mix in two different types of flavored creamer.
This morning it was chocolate and french vanilla. Yum!
I have a busy Monday morning and I am praying that the "heavy" things on my to do list are handled w/ minimal stress. I am taking as much "me" time as possible while the house is quiet to do some blog little escape for the moment.
I stumbled upon a cool blog
with all kinds of interesting ideas on how to use your junk (treasures) in interesting ways.
So, the wheels are turning in my DIY head! Hopefully I will get to work on some projects today! 
This green cabinet has been sitting in my garage for months, we started to strip it and the paint got stubborn and the weather got hot so I gave up for a while.
I have the perfect spot for it in my dining room corner, I recently gave my step mother in law my corner cabinet for her dining room because it was the perfect size for what she needed and my garage is looking like "hoarder" material. Part of it is stuff for my flea market booths...but still. It is time for me to REALLY start my day. I hope yours is lovely!

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