Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pink Christmas in July

Hello lovelies!
I am so excited to host a Christmas in July home tour!!!
We had so much fun last year decorating for Pink Christmas we have continued the fun all year!
I am so blessed to be a part of a fun little group of ladies on Facebook who run a Forever Pink Christmas group! Yay!!! 
That means Pink Christmas all year long!!!
This week I will be showing off some gorgeous pink Santas!!
Meet Mr. Pink Sparkle Pants and Mr. Pink Glamour Pants our Christmas in July hosts!!
 Here are some close ups of some very gorgeous pink Christmas trees!!

 How much do we love pink Santas?
I am very positive pink Santas must deliver the best presents in the world!
 Such darling vintage cuties!
Don't these little mini pink guys look up to something?
This pink Santie was a makeover project by Mel from red to pink!
 There's Mr. Pink Sparkle Pants again!!!
He really loves to have his picture made!
 Another dazzling makeover by Julie!!!
These guys look like twinzies!!
So beautiful!

 Did you know you can spray paint and flock a white Christmas tree to make it all pretty pink and fluffy!
I will get better instructions and paint brands from Mel on how to do this.
Here is how her white tree turned pink looks.

 These are some of my Shabbydazzle pink Santa creations!
 So much fun to paint and decorate these dolls!!!
 Darling little topiary from Mel's collection!
 Thank you all for stopping by and having fun with all of our jolly pink Santas!!!
A special thank you to Mel and Julie for sharing in my Pink Christmas fun, what a joy and blessing to have such lovely kindred friends!
Check back next week for more gorgeous Pink Christmas in July fun!!!!
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My Romantic Home
How Sweet the Sound Pink Saturday!
Hugs and sparkles,


  1. Most enchanting for all Us girls :)

  2. Oh my!!!!! GORGEOUS blog ~ sipping my tea and just enjoying all the PRETTY!!!

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  5. Hello, what is the color of the paint used on the wall of the August 23,2012 blogpost? Thanks!

  6. Hello, what is the color of the paint used on the wall of the August 23,2012 blogpost? Thanks!

  7. Just Pinkaliciious Olivia!! Love all the pink santies!!


  8. Can you please post the type of paint that you used to paint the tree pink? I would love to do one for my daughters room

  9. Where are the instructionson painting the tree?

  10. Hello. Is the sitting Santa for sale? If so, how do I get it? I need price and size, please. Thanks. Send me a message at


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