Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Cabinets and Rose China

I go weak in the knees over rose over old cabinets filled with pretty dishes!

If the item is cheap and has pretty pink roses...I buy it!
I also LOVE old chippy hoosier cabinets! 
My favorite one is in my kitchen! It's an old blue green color, some
might think it is in terrible shape, but I love the shabby chippy!

I'm wondering if I did not have flea market booths...would I be a hoarder?
I also love to find and collect cottage decorating magazines!
Below is my tiny romantic back porch!
 Hope you all have a fun and safe fourth of July!
I will be sharing this with 
Big squishy hugs,


  1. These are the things that bring light and joy to our lives - when we enhance our homes with that which we love we spread happiness from ourselves to others.

  2. Dear Sweet Olivia:
    We must have been seperated at birth! LOL LOVE the same things. The color green of that cabinet is soooo perfect. I don't have a flea market booth, so does that make me a hoarder . Love your pics today. Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Dear Olivia,
    Your home is so beautiful and romantic, and your creations are great. I enjoyed visiting you!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Olivia, not sure if my post went or not,, so I am posting again,,,,, any way I do love your home and the romantic way you decorate... I love to collect things too,,, a lot of pretties,, running out of room in my china cabinet,, Have a great July 4th,,,,,


  5. Olivia, I have one room for my pink roses! I need to stop buying them............will I............uh nope! LOL

  6. Olivia I have one room for my pink roses! I need to stop buying them.......will I? Uh nope! LOL

  7. Olivia~ You have a great eye for things and can turn what others can't see into a vision that we all want!
    Warm hugs!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Olivia Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share this morning. I love, Love, LOVE that hoosier cabinet. I keep watching for one that can come home with me. Yours is simply delightful, and if it could talk, can you imagine the stories it would share with you?

    Love your backyard sweet one. I believe we could sit there and share tea, along with laughter, love and many stories. What a delightful afternoon it would be.

    I love strolling about Olivia's Romantic Home each and every week. Thank you sweetie for the lovely share today. Many hugs from Phoenix, with a lot of love, Sherry

  9. Good morning Olivia,
    Your home is so pretty and girly! Love the sweet feminine touches. Happy Pink Fourth of July weekend, sweet friend.


  10. Your blog is always such a treat to visit. Love all your romantic pink goodies in your home! Have a fun 4th of July and HPS! Marcia

  11. Sometimes I feel like a hoarder, but I can't stop. If something is beautiful and I can place it, it's coming home with me.
    Your post is romantic and beautiful, Char

  12. Hi Olivia--
    Your home is so gorgeous and wow I love that cabinet!
    I've never heard of them before...Are they from Indiana?
    Wishing you a splendid Pink Saturday and a wonderful
    4th of July filled with FUN!

  13. I do not see anything wrong with you liking old cabinets and pretty dishes. I have always had a thing about dishes. I do not need any, but love looking at them.

  14. Hi Olivia! I love, love, love the green and chippy cabinets. Soooo cute!


  15. Totally love the Hoosier Cabinet although I am not actually sure what it is...I still love its chippy style.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  16. Olivia, I could just move right in with you. Of course we may have a problem finding room for all our dishes. But we'd have a great time. Have a safe happy holiday.



  17. Hi Olivia! I'm the same way with pink rose dishes...even if they are chipped or cracked! If they are less than a dollar or two, I can't leave them behind! Maybe someday I'll mosaic, but for now I just find ways to display them so that the cracks don't show! I can't stand the thought of them being thrown away! I suppose we could become hoarders if it weren't for our booth spaces...or we would just run out of excuses to shop...and that would be so sad! Thank goodness we have found a good outlet for our passions! :) Hope you had a great 4th!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  18. Lovely one in pinkish shade. It seems very old and antique. Very incredible to find. I love antique pieces specially Corner cabinet.


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