Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Pink Hunk of Junk

We were driving by my favorite resale shop when I braked for a piece of rusty crusty metal. My son said..." Mom what are you going to do with that old hunk of junk" ?
Paint it pink of course!

Add some roses and a little Parsian flair!
Wal-Mart has spray paint on sale for $2.67!
I love sales!
Have a lovely and blessed day!


  1. That came out just ADORABLE!!!

  2. Oh my how cute is that! See it is true...One man's junk is another man's treasure!
    Have a great day!

  3. What a lovely hunk of pink junk! lol You not only have a wonderful eye for seeing what can be done, but you are an artist, capable of exquisite work.

    I adore this rescue of yours.

  4. You are so talented sweetie!!!! The chair is absolutely beautiful!! Many big hugs! Tammy

  5. Hi Olivia, That chair look's too cute! You did a great job on it. Thanks for sharing....Julian

  6. Olivia, What else could you do with junk but paint it pink. I am surprised your son living with you even had to ask that question!! LOL. Your family is so cute. The chair looks great!!

  7. Oh my you did a fabulous job. I must say though, I also love the pillow you have displayed on it. I love junk. I love the special rehab we do on the junk and I especially love the finished product. Beautiful. Tammy

  8. JUnk and pink should never be in a sentence together! Pink can never be junk! I love it!


  9. You are so clever...I have 2 of these chairs I keep hidden when not in use...But thnx to you they are going to come out and get a makeover that will mean they will get to come out more often :)

    Thank you Kelsie

  10. Olivia, you really turned that old metal folding chair into something special. Very artistic too with the flowers. FYI, we pick up our white spray paint at WallMart for just under a dollar. Just depends on the brand you like.

  11. I just had to stop by and take a peak at your blog. Oh my, you have some pretty things!


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