Thursday, May 13, 2010

~My Vintage Kitchen~
I have been soooo excited to show you pictures of my kitchen! I have been waiting until Friday to show and tell you about it! 
A couple of months ago I painted the cabinets white, this week I finally got up the energy to repaint the walls!
The kitchen was formerly red...but it is now a very soft antique white!
( I thought a red kitchen would inspire me to cook, not liking to cook, to me is a terrible flaw as a housewife...sigh.)
 I just adore the color of this oh so Shabby Hoosier Cabinet!
Another shot...I am not finished, but it is at least presentable now...unlike many of my creations on this poor litle stove! Giggle, at least I can laugh about this and really I am not terrible, I would just rather be painting...
I have not figured out what type of wall decor I want for each side of the cabinet, so for now I framed a vintage piece of ceiling tin...
Some darling vintage items...I am thinking about painting the mixer pink...and isn't this vintage toaster cover the cutest?!

 I am giving you a sneak peek... there is more to come, of my kitchen, tomorow for Pink Saturday! A delightful pinky surprise, you will love it so check back!
A sweet thank you to Cindy at for hosting Show and Tell Friday!


  1. Hi Olivia....I love it!!! You did a great job! Perfect color of that Hoosier ~ lucky girl!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Olivia, it looks beautiful! That is quite a transformation.

  3. Love the new kitchen, you did a great job!!! Pretty, pretty.


  4. Hello Olivia, your kitchen transformation is just GORGEOUS!! What a terrific job! Now it is so pretty, you will definitely want to spend more time in it (perhaps to even cook, LOL)

    Warmest always, Brenda

  5. I'm a sucker for a red wall, but I know it can get overwhelming especially in a small area. The white cabinets look fantastic and really open up the space. I'm curious....what goodies do you have in the cupboard above the microwave? (Love the turquoise scale too) ;)

  6. Your kitchen is adorable! You did a great job!!!!
    I love the toaster cover. FUN!


  7. I've been wanting to paint our kitchen red, LOL, but hubby wasn't 100 percent on board with that so we're going to do one wall in the family room instead.

    Love that hoosier cabinet!!!

    Now not be able to cook is NOT a flaw for a housewife. Who says the woman has to do the cooking anyway?!? My hubby does ours!

  8. Love how your kitchen turned out - your Hoosier cabinet is beautiful! My favorite color! ~Marcy

  9. Olivia,wow you did great job! love the new look soooo much pretty and what a great continuation from your dining room wall colour.. and the hoosier is awesome! love how you decorate that room! I guess now, food taste better in new kitchen redo huh! ;-) hehehehe have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Olivia,

    you have done a great job. your new kitchen looks refreshing. thanks for sharing.

  11. heart is going pitter pat.

  12. Olivia, that is stunningly beautiful, sweetpea! I love it much more in white than red. Good job on everything.

  13. Oooh....that's a fantastic re-do and what a wonderful color, too!!! Just fab!

    Hugs, Lana

  14. Olivia,your kitchen is really sweet! I think it would be so much fun to create a lovely meal in a gorgeous kitchen like that!

  15. It's beautiful!! It looks really, really good!

  16. I am totally in awe and seriously girl, my mouth is hanging! WOW WOW WOW. What a transformation. You KNOW I'm a RED girl, but WOW...I'm so loving your kitchen...By the way, I'm working on my hallway, making lots of white? Not red? Well your the inspiration.

  17. Very sweet! I have a Hoosier- it is in my garage....heheheheh

  18. Your kitchen is darling! I just love it and I really love your little toaster cover, too cute:)

  19. Beautiful! I just adore your home! What an inspiring kitchen!

  20. Well now, Miss Olivia, that is one sweet Kitchen make over if I ever saw one!!

    I LOVE that cabinet!! It is just gorgeous!!

    My kitchen is white with red accents. I have a new wall paper border and in June, when we are on vacation, we are redoing the kitchen. been meaning to do it for 5 years now!!

    I too am not a cook. not that i don't know how, I just don't like to!!


  21. Olivia, Love your kitchen! love your posts I put in some pics of my kitchen today..coincidence? Great minds think a like!

  22. Olivia, This is just exquisite! You've done a beautiful job renovating your kitchen! I love these photos. And anybody would be delighted to cook in a kitchen like yours.

    I have to admit, I struggle with cooking too. I'd rather sew...but the family does want to eat too! :o)

  23. How beautiful your kitchen is. I am soooo jealous but in the nicest way.
    Big hugs, joey

  24. Olivia , My sweet friend!! What an awesome kitchen. I love your hoosier cabinet. The white paint in the kitchen was an awesome choice. I love all your vintage decor. I so love your home!! Good Work!!

  25. Hello Olivia!! Glad you stopped by & left a message so I could visit your beautiful blog!
    I love your kitchen redo, & adore also the color of your hoosier cabinet!! I have been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets a soft white for years, & am afraid it will be too big of a project, was it hard.. any tips you can share would be much appreciated! :)
    Great to meet you, & I look forward to seeing more of your kitchen redo! :) ( I'm not fond of cooking either) doesn't mean we don't want a beautiful kitchen! :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  26. Your kitchen is great! Love the Hoosier cabinet.

  27. OMGosh I looove your kitchen and the aqua piece..a romantic kitchen great idea!
    Thank You HPS!

  28. Wow your kitchen is lovely. Everything is so perfect. Good job. Hope you will visit mine.


  29. The color on the hoosier is perfect and I'm going to have to try to make me a toaster cover now...too cute!

  30. I love everything you have done! The colours are perfect and your little vignette is just gorgeous. I can understand why you are so excited. Great work Olivia!

    Best wishes,

  31. Your kitchen is adorable, I love the slightly retro vintage you have with the shabby cute!

  32. You did a WONDERFUL job!!! You could never tell you are on a budget!! So pretty!

  33. You have an absolutely beautiful home! Your kitchen is darling~you've done a fantastic job on it.

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  35. Hi Olivia!
    I must say I am in love with your Blog and your house! Congratulations for having a husband that doesn't mind living in a white and pink house!!!! ;)
    UAU the kitchen is MUCH better!!! That red was hideous! What were they thinking?????
    Now with this shabby chic kitchen even I would LOVE to cook! ;)
    Kisses from Portugal!


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