Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Dollar Tree GLAM decor crafts

Hello lovelies! 
I am so excited to share with you some beautiful Dollar Tree glam decor crafts!
I created several different framed designer inspired pictures using frames from the Dollar Tree and these pretty glam images
Here is the video tutorial 
Here are the images I used

I also created some beautiful rose filled boxes with these beautiful roses I found on Amazon for a 30 pk for only $12.99 here is the 
I also created a super cute designer journal for my daughter with this cute Dior perfume bottle image

How beautiful is this glam jewelry stand using Dollar Tree supplies! 
There is also a GIVEAWAY on this video here https://youtu.be/1Opcn74x74w $$$GIVEAWAY!!! To ENTER~ SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT to WIN a $100 shopping spree to Totally Dazzled Winner announced May 25th , 2020. A huge thank you to Totally Dazzled for hosting this GIVEAWAY~ $$$

Thank you so much for stopping by! Tag me in your pretty glam crafts, I would love to see what you all make!~ Happy crafting sweet friends!


  1. Hello Olivia I just love the crafts you do I watch all your diy they are beautiful

  2. Love these ideas! Glamming up my bathroom and these are perfect!

  3. Hi Olivia, you have wonderful ideas. I can't wait until your next video!

  4. Loved your journal. Thanks for inspiring people to get crafty.

  5. Love watching your Dollar Tree DIY's, I've learned so much from watching your videos. You do some very beautiful things. Good Luck to everyone.

  6. From Canada
    Hi Olivia (and crafters). You are such a beautiful person Olivia with a Big heart and it shows in everything you do. You are a true inspiration. Everything you did in this video was sooo lovely. I wish I was literally your neighbor. Sending you wishes for continued good health and much Love.

  7. Hi Olivia, I absolutely love these DIY's! Especially the glam tray! I went to my DT today to get the tray and couldn't find it! Can you please let me know where in the store it's located? Thank you so much and hope you are staying safe!

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  9. Just saw a story on Instagram and followed the trail here! Thank You! 💐

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