Saturday, October 4, 2014

Crafting brings me Peace

Hello my lovely friends!
I have been praying this morning on what blog post to share.
It comes to mind that I have been blessed with a poetic creative spirit and outlet!
This is a little corner in my home that I store my crafting supplies.
I threw it all together for a photo shoot I did for Casa Romantica Shabby Chic Magazine.
Trust me when I tell you, when I NEVER looks this good.
It's always a big mess with sparkles flying!!
I must tell you that "creating", "crafting" and "decorating" brings Peace to my spirit!
It heals the parts of me that are broken and gives me an outlet for my hopeful romantic spirit!
"The Lord blesses his people with Peace." Psalm 29:11
 I get ridiculously excited about vintage laces, trims, ribbons and florals!!!
I am beyond blessed and thankful for every day that I am able to create!
Happy creating my darlings!
Thank you for stopping by!

This week I am partying with 

Big squishy hugs and sparkles,


  1. Olicia- I always feel such a sense of peace when I come visit you. You inspire me and looking at anything you do makes me feel happy. I was "pinning" you to my own computer files long before Pinterest was around. I just love EVERYTHING you do! xoDiana

  2. Olivia, I have to say your little creating pace is just beautiful...I love how girly and pretty it is.....I too feel the same it brings me peace to create ;-)


  3. I agree with you--crafting brings me peace too. Your little girly crafting area is adorable!

  4. Pink Lusciousness.....everything looks amazing and I don't see a single bit of sparkles cleaned up good for your photo shoot...:)
    Happy Pink Sat.

  5. Hi Olivia, I understand that feeling. My creative space is certainly a way to detach from certain things, in my case and above all to create. It's relaxing to get involved in different projects and create from our imagination when decorating my home and observe whether they are acquired by others, I am filled with satisfaction! so I spend a lot of time relaxing in my work room! Looking your creations that inspire, I understand your 'dialect', greetings, blessings! Rose Marie

  6. I agree with you about crafting. Your creative corner is very romantic and sweet.


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