Saturday, January 11, 2014

Photo shoot

Hello my sweet and beautiful friends!
I must tell you I am super excited and nervous....
I have been asked to do a photo shoot at the end of March in my home with my crafty creations!!!!
This is very exciting!
The magazine is Cinemagic! A magazine featuring artisans,vintage classic remade movies, children's ware and much more.
I was blessed to have a feature in their holiday issue.
This week I am back in my studio fluffing up more treasures for my Etsy store!
Marie Antoinette Perfume Bottle
I have been in the mood for French so I will share this poem with you...
Parlez-moi en silence

vous me voyez dans vos rêves

mais je me sens tout à fait

vous tous

ligoté et emmêlés

mains sur mon visage

danser sous mes os

soleil qui flotte à travers cette obscurité

je ferme les yeux à nouveau se sentir

Je prie pour que tu me quittes

mais je mens

Parce que je vous demande en

à chaque fois que

croupissent dans la lucidité

boueux sont ces eaux

je viens de regarder sur

ligoté et embrouillé en vous

étoiles de descendre dans mon


brûler les vignes

les liens qui unissent

pas de mots

Venez à moi que vous êtes


me ramener à la vie

combien de temps dois-je attendre

pour voir votre visage

vous me enveloppez-les dans vos bras
Olivia Parazine
 With much love for you all this week and prayers for it to be a blessed one!




  1. What exciting news! Congratulations! Your fluffing is absolutely beautiful, I'm so glad I dropped in to see you. First time visit and I'll be back, your blog is wonderful~

  2. Hi Olivia, congrats on your fabulous news! I'm sure the photos will be beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday, Marti

  3. Lovely images and thoughts. I love the pink flower lights I got from you last year they are on my mantle now for Valentines day Pink dreams!

  4. Congrats to you! Can't wait to see the finished magazine!

  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting!

  6. Congrats post are always beautiful so an honour well deserved. HPS (belated) cause I am always running late xx

  7. Lovely post and such exciting news.Happy for You :)

  8. Congratulations, a much deserved honor! Love your gorgeous creations.

  9. congratulations! can't wait to see the final product.... what an exciting way to start 2014!


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