Monday, April 30, 2012

Shabby Chic Garden

Hello lovelies!
I must say it is going to be a lovely week!
Toward the end of my garage sale, I decided to move my shabby bike and fluff it up...

This is a little garden bed in front of my house.
I love the "cottage look" of a bike with overflowing flowers parked in the yard.
I have never really felt the full peace and joy, that gardening can bring until this year.
The lemon balm in front of my roses is growing like crazy, I cut it back and I am drying it to use in cooking.
My iris has also survived my "green thumb"!
It just tickles me to death that I have stuff "bloomin"!
I found this trellis in my neighbors "trash" pile...
I was not to proud to hop out and load it up...painted white, it is perfect!
Thank you for stopping by!
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  1. Olivia, your garden is fabulous my friend!

  2. Olivia- Your garden is wonderful. How funny- my post today is about an old bike I found and am getting ready to paint. I LOVE yours- xo Diana

  3. Olivia just discovered your corner of blogland via Cielo's blog ... I'm your newest follower of your wonderful blog. I can't wait to read more.... beautiful photos! loved your post on your hammock. We are still a few weeks from blooming in our area .. though the tulips have made their appearance and the rest is promising to bloom soon...xo HHL

  4. I love your cottage garden. It is so rewarding when the flowers start coming, isn't it? I need to find a vintage bike that I can load up with flowers!
    Have a great day!


  5. Beautiful! It looks so sunny and green! I love the photo with the bicycle :)

  6. Love the bicycle--everything looks lovely:)

  7. Olivia, Just found your blog and love it. Don't you just love bicycles in the garden. We have a big garden so I have more than one. Love your photos... New Follower


  8. Love your blog and your beautiful bike and roses!

    Love, Sylvia Smith, Cibolo, Tx.


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