Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fabulous Faux Mantel!

I have been dreaming of a fireplace mantel for months now...
I have seen several at flea markets (never within my budget).
I decided to create my own using a decorative shelf piece and two misc table legs. I enlisted the help of Mr. Romantic to help me create this darling piece.
Here is my fabulous new faux mantel!
 First, he glued and screwed the legs to the top shelf piece.
Next, he securely screwed the mantel into the wall.
(Isn't he cute! He got major points for making my faux mantel dream come true!)
I just happened to pick up the shelf and post legs free, they have been sitting in my garage for several months. 
Fabulous for less Tip:
Always look around your home first and use what you have! Search freecycle, garage sales, and thrift stores for salvage pieces you can use to put together decorative vignettes.
 I added the old heater ($12) for character, not sure that it will stay, I would like to find a cool old shabby ornate fireplace screeen. I am also toying with the idea of shabbying it up with white paint, what do you think?
 I also had to cover the massive electrical outlet and cable cord, so I used a piece of antique lace tacked under the mantel for one outlet.
 For all the cords that run to the armoire, I used shabby green screen piece to the right to give coverage and also easy access to these outlets.
 I moved a mirror from my bedroom to hang above the mantel and then scattered some decorative shabby accessories across the top to fluff it up.
Of course, I am going to create some exciting seasonal mantel displays, I can't wait!  
Well, I hope you have a delightful day and create something fantastic! Remember you can make it fabulous for less!
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