Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Home Cleaning faves

I have absolutely fallen in love with the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products from Grove Collaborative!
I love tidying up my home not only because it makes things look nice but it helps me relieve stress.
I have always used junky cleaners from Wal-Mart with really harsh chemicals until I found the Grove Collaborative website where they have loads of all natural household cleaners to choose from.
I even created and ULTIMATE CLEAN WITH ME video using all of my summer favorites!
Right now I am crushing on the Mrs. Meyer's Peony All purpose spray, Rosemary hand and dish soap and the Mrs. Meyers's honeysuckle room freshener.
Right now Grove Collaborative is offering a free 5 pc Mrs. Meyer's starter set for all of my friends!
I just love how amazing my kitchen smells after a good tidy up and the best thing is that these products do not give me a headache when I clean!!!
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  1. Fantastic post!

    Kisses ...

    Dilek .

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