Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pink Glam beauty room

Hello lovelies! 
It has been too long, so I promise to get back to writing. 
Lately, I have been creating a tiny space in my bedroom that I am calling my Pink glam beauty space! 
A little quiet spot where I can sit calmly and get ready in the morning!!
Don't we all need a girly space to call our own?!?

I'm still looking for the perfect vanity so for now I am just using a table covered with a pretty   linen!
Here is the before...
Since it is such a tiny space I decided to paint this tiny wall white to brighten everything up!!

I have also been busy creating some lovely glam makeup brush holders, candles and pictures!!
So fun to have a girly space!!
I cannot wait to show you more!!
Thank you for stopping by!
Hugs and sparkles,

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  1. Charming and so elegantly PINK! Of course, the colour caught my eye before anything else---I swear, I didn't realize the plethora of pink items til we built our new pink kitchen last year.

    I thought I was an ONLY in that category, for several blog commenters and then friends who were guests at the "reveal" at home remarked that their husbands would "not let" them use pink so prolifically in a room. HAH!

    I simply love your beautiful boudoir, and know it's a wonderful start to your day---everything at hand, and so exquisitely created and arranged. ENJOY to your heart's content---I do! And if ever your taste turns to a vanity-with-a-skirt---my girly-girl heart won't be able to stand it.



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