Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pink Rose Tea Time

 Hello my darlings!
Thank you for stopping by to have a spot of tea with me!
I have been shopping around in Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs fantastic faux cakes sale and playing board games with my little one.
Today is still very cold and snowy so I played in my studio a bit with some sparkling roses, laces, ribbons and bridal lace pieces to create this Marie Antoinette fancy boudoir hanger!

I hope you all are staying super warm and snuggly!
Thank you for visiting with me.
Big hugs ans sparkles,


  1. This is so pretty Olivia. Makes me want to set out a tray and fill it up with such pretty things as yours.


  2. Another beautiful post, Olivia. Those roses and your collected pieces are just gorgeous. Hope you have a great day! xo Diana

  3. Just beautiful. I love the roses and the cake (is it real?). So many good ideas spring to mind looking at that display


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