Thursday, August 9, 2012

snuggly pinks

Pink makes me feel so "snuggly".
 Snuggly is a term used in my home quite often...
 Did I tell you Connie at Beautiful Living sent me these pretty roses!?
They made my heart feel extra snuggly

 Ummm, I also love kisses,soft sheets, chocolate and comfy jammies
What makes you feel snuggly?


Big snuggly hugs,


  1. Love YOUR snugglies. My own include the little ones climbing into my lap with a "blankie" and a book- nothing sweeter in the world- xo Diana

  2. oh such pretties. My lovely comfy recliner with my fur rug and the fire burning in the grate,hot cuppa tea in hand. Lovely,especially seeing as it's winter here at the moment. xx

  3. I totally agree with you without pink everything looks so cold it really is heart warming colour. I love your display of beautiful china, I remember finding your blog a while a go and you inspired me so much. Keep posting your beautiful treasures. Have a lovely weekend Olivia. x

  4. Olivia,
    Lovely pinks!! The same goes for me as far as snuggly!


  5. I guess it makes me feel the same! I've loved it since I was a little girl.

    You have some lovely pieces in your cabinet!

  6. I would love to see a close up shot of the pic and green/blue table cloth. Everything is beautiful. Have a blessed Saturday.

  7. Beautiful snuggly treasures in your china cabinet. I think the whole shabby thing in my house makes me snuggly or comfortable


  8. Lovely pinks! I LOVE the table cloth and all the pretties in your china cabinet!

    ~Happy Pink Saturday~
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  9. Gorgeous! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Wedding Anniversary Pink, your comment will mean so much!

  10. Oh I just love pink and snuggly used in the same sentence! lol Pink blanket, pink jammies, pink mug with hot cocoa in it......

    Have a great weekend!

    Squishy hugs right back at you!

    Debbie xo

  11. I am a big believer in big fluffy white comforters. They always make me feel snuggly! Of course just being home with all my family safe at home too makes me feel the most snuggly.

  12. Soooo pretty and pink, too! Very homey - not my home which is chaos - but the home in my head.

  13. Ow, so beautiful..

    Visiting from Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

  14. so glad you stopped by my PS blog - I've had the link to your blog open all day. It is charming! And I keep thinking, oh the girls and I ought to do that!

  15. What a lovely home, filled with such pretty things. Your blog is gorgeous also. Knowing that my girls are safe and warm and a bit of romantic music too.


  16. Thank you for stopping by the shop, Olivia. I'm running a little late with my Pink Sat. visits, but any day is a good day for pink.
    Your home is lovely, and very inviting. It looks like a place full of love and comfort. I scrolled through your first three posts and must add that your pink roses are gorgeous.
    Snuggly for me would be my quiet cup of coffee in the morning, movies at home, a rainy day without schedules, sitting at my art table, no expectations, and all things autumn esp. the fragrance of pumpkin spice. :)

    Happy pinks!


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