Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shabby Chic at the Cottage Sale

This week has been perfect weather ( high 70's) for our Farmgirl Sisters Cottage Sale!
We brought my gorgeous Shabby Chic Hall Tree, Handmade benches, decorative suitcases, windows, picture frames and much much more!
This has been our best sale yet!
Tons and tons of goodies, friends and fun!

I have directions posted on my Shabby Chic at Cadwell's Flea Market facebook page in the top right hand corner of this blog.

This adorable chair was made by my friend Jan with strips of fabric!
I'm gonna have to try this!
So many goodies, I am trying to restrain and not shop till the end of the sale...

Ok, I am secretly praying my Shabby Chic Hall tree does not sell.
My confession of the week...
would you sell it?
He reasoned with me and told me he would make me ten more...
I think I'm a Shabby hoarder.
Anyhoo, lots to do today! I have the sniffles but I am going to try to push through it!

Come see us if you are local!
Hugs and Love!
I will be partying with the fabulous
My Romantic Home
How Sweet the Sound



  1. Oh my.... The title of a new series..."Shabby Chic Hoarders"!! Starring all of us!! WOO HOO.... The plot??? We all meet to exchange shabby chic "stuff"!! ROTFL!!
    Love all the goodies!!

  2. Love the Shabby Chic Hall tree!!!!
    Wish I could come shop!!
    Hope you feel better my friend!!!

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  3. Olivia, I am with you, who could part from such a beautiful hall tree? Love your follower!
    Blessings, Audrey

  4. Pinktastic!

    My PINK is here, please come and visit when you get a chance. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Olivia I would buy that hall tree if I were near you! It is gorgeous!

  6. Hi Olivia!!
    WOW what a cool fun place and is sounds like you have been a blast as well and making money. Wish I lived closer cause I'd be there in a heartbeat!!!

    I think Im like you...a shabby chic horder and have issues letting go..Lol. If my hubby were talented like yours, I'd go ahead and sell it and then find the PERFECT mix and have him make you another. Wishing you oodles of sale!

    Be Blessed,

  7. Olivia,
    Wish I was closer as I would love to come!!
    If I ad somewhere to put that hall tree and a way to get it here, I would be buying that baby!!

    Hope your sale did well as i don't see any reason why it would not.....

    I am playing catch up...

    Stop by when you can...


  8. I want to do what you do--problem is I wouldn't sell the hall tree. Thats why I figure maybe I'm not cut out for selling. I love it!

  9. Hoaders...schmoaders....we just love our "stuff"! If I were you I would charge an astronomically high price for the chair and drag it back home and say it didn't sell ;0 It is so cute, I wish I could buy it!


  10. Love everything! I am so glad the sale is going well...You will have to keep us posted on the hall tree!


  11. Love all of it including the hall tree. I am on the other side of the world so can't be there personally to buy, but I am a new follower. Love to look. xx

  12. I am so loving everything I see....happy dance. xoxox


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