Monday, August 15, 2011

Shabby Painted Tip Pine cones

It's that time of year are going back to school, leaves are falling and I am trying to get a jump start on my Shabby painted pine cones!

For this batch I used jumbo pine cones my dad collected for me from
Clearsprings (my childhod home).
I brush painted the tips of the pine cones with country white and some with English Meadow Green.

I love how cute they look just piled up in this old chippy childs chair!
I love to put a Shabby spin on Holiday favorites!
I want to do some fluffy pink ones too...maybe add some glitter!
What do you do with your pinecones?



  1. Hi Olivia,
    We have abundant pine cones here in the coastal south. I like to dip them in pink or white paint and then in glitter. They looks so pretty as Christmas decor.
    Love your idea too. And, yes, they look great on the little child's chair.


  2. Those are so darling Olivia!!! We have tons of pinecones around here, I think I'll start collecting some and trying this out:)

  3. I did pink and glitter last year also...though it is just to hot here to think about such things atm lol...LOVE those chairs.

    Blessings Kelsie

  4. Love your pinecones, Olivia. I like to paint them white and glitter them up too. But the pink and green sounds lovely too. The child's chair is adorable and your photos are wonderful.


  5. Cool- haven't had any in years...last ones I had were huge, from Mississippi.
    Hugs- Tete

  6. Love love love this idea Olivia, those look so pretty in the blue bucket too.

  7. These photos are GORGEOUS!!! LOVE that chippy stool draped with laces.
    Your pincones are so pretty. I like to paint and glitter them up too. Put them in centerpieces or stick them between the branches on the Christmas tree.

  8. Things are falling off tress here too, but not from change of season. Terrible hot heat. Killing the leaves as well as some trees.

  9. Oh my! I can't believe it's just over 4 months to Christmas! That means in 3 months we will be decorating for it! I am ready for fall but not winter, yet. Love your pinecones. I know you can pink shabby those up alot more and I can't wait to see those!


  10. I'm voting for pink and glitter! I would love to see that!!


  11. Hi Olivia!
    Wow those are the most gigantic pinecones I've ever seen! The ones from our tree are small and tight :-(
    Your jumbos look kind of like little Christmas trees don't they? How about putting them on a base and decorate with a cute topper!
    Or a couple dips in melted wax so they look like candles?
    Anything you do would be wonderful! But I LOVE them simply displayed in the bucket too!
    ~ Lynn

  12. Pretty pinecones. Love the shabby chic chairs!!

  13. Pink Glitter!!!!

    Oh it's going to be here before we know it!!
    I don't know how you can make them any more perfect though....but if anything can do it....has to be pink glitter lol



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