Friday, October 8, 2010

Shabby Chic Cabinet Transformation!

I am thrilled to share with you my Shabby Chic Cabinet transformation!
This darling cabinet has been out in my garage for months...
we started stripping it and then I gave up until I discovered the miracle primer...
We got the majority of this cabinet done but there were still some stubborn green mother in law suggested to just use a good heavy duty primer, SHE WAS RIGHT! 
 I used a pretty blue green in the back of the cabinet 

and some whimsical knobs to make it a little different...
I am still on the hunt for some cool knobs, but right now these are kinda fun and silly.... 
Pretty Pink Rose Knobs
I think it is pretty fantastic this transformation is over and I discovered a shortcut to stripping painted slick furniture!
( I used a bonding primer called Kilnz) 
This little beauty found a home in the corner of my dining room that I am redecorating AGAIN!!!!
Of course, I have to really fluff up the shelves, I just threw those pieces in there. 
I plan to use some pretty cuphooks, mirrors, and my Limoges rose teacups!
Thank you for stopping by!
I will be partying with the lovely Cindy for Show and Tell Friday
and Frugaliscious Friday at 

Good luck if your out Garage Salein' this weekend!
Have a Beautiful and Blessed Day!


  1. Beautiful!!! The shape is really sweet. You guys did a great job! All that hard work paid off (sanding and priming is annoying! LOL)

  2. What a beautiful transformation! I love the blue paint inside the cabinet and the little rose drawer pulls! We have painted all of our dark wood furniture white over the years. We still have to do our bedroom furniture. That is a project and a half! haha... Have a wonderful weekend, Olivia!... Donna

  3. Wow!!
    Great job, it looks so beautiful:))
    Have a nice weekend, hugs Biljana

  4. Hi Olivia, I love the picture of your daughter and your husband refinishing your chic cabinet. Classic! That one is surely a keeper. You guys did a wonderful job and we are lucky you shared it with us. *hugs*

  5. Oh, how pretty! I would have loved to see some more close ups of the interior-it looked pretty the way you have it. Great color choices!

  6. You're cabinet turned out beautiful and I'm glad you learned about primer, it's a miracle worker!!!

  7. Hi Olivia :) Gorgeous redo with that sweet cabinet! I just bought a really cute wall shelf at Goodwill, and hope to get to painting it soon; but need hubby to router plate grooves on the 2 shelves before I do. Isn't it fun making over things :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  8. This is a beautiful transformation love shabby chic! I have a catalog a friend gives me with some great pieces vintage remakes of old hardware it is great! Van Dykes Restorers they have beautiful glass knobs that would be perfect happy hunting!! XOXOXO

  9. Dear Olivia - LOVE how your piece turned out! Great interior colour and I love all the scroll detail at the top. It looks right at home in your diningroom! Great transformation! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Hola Olivia, what a great piece of furniture, it´s adorable!! I´m participating too for the first time and it´s been lovely to find you.
    greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  11. Hi Olivia,
    Thank-you for stopping by my place...Really love the outcome of the sectary, everything looks better with a coat of white :)
    or any cottage flea market chic tone, in my case tone on tone :)

    I am going to love getting to know you better, I am going to go back to your older postings and snoop around :)

    see you soon girl!

  12. my fave would be the limoges teacup! so beautiful but the cabinet makeover is even wonderful! looks fit for the room! thanks for sharing. have a great weekend!

  13. That looks spectacular ! Makes it very tempting to want to paint a few of my pieces !!!!

    thanks for sharing,

  14. Olivia , Your cabinet and your family is awesome!!

  15. Your cabinet turned out so pretty! I love the pale blue on the inside.


  16. Hi Olivia,

    My, what a great transformation. I love yr cabinet and of course that limoges teacup. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Darling transformation! Susan

  18. Hi Olivia, Looks like the three of you had a great time re doing the cabinet. It look's great. Thanks for sharing...Julian

  19. This cabinet looks so fabulous! What a great idea to paint the inside that gorgeous blue! Shows everything off wonderfully!!!

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