Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabulous Shabby Pink Santa and Teacups!

After getting my new issue of Romantic Country I cannot stop craving a Shabby Pink Christmas!
Who could resist this little cutie pie...
 Wouldn't he be fun hanging from a Shabby Christmas Tree...
or maybe as a centerpiece...
 I got lucky and picked this little guy up for $1 at a tag sale and then fluffed him up with some baubles and roses.
I am also craving some pink cupcakes...
 AND some fabulous teacup ornaments sound DEELISH...
Courtesy of
I think I am going to start keeping my eye out for teacup minis so I can craft up some of these little beauties...
Hope you have enjoyed these little treats!
Have a lovely and blessed day!


  1. That Santa is so cute! I am with you on having a pink Christmas too. I just posted about having a Pink Christmas on my Christmas blog-great minds think alike!

    Best wishes for a happy week,

  2. Hi Olivia - Your pretty pink Santa has me dreaming of Christmas. I haven't yet purchased the latest addition of Romantic Country but I'll be rushing out to get it tomorrow.

  3. I am trying not to think Christmas just yet, and her you come with this neat post. You did a super job with your Santa.

  4. That is a fin post today! Thanks for sharing and I luv the cupcakes....Julian

  5. Olivia , I usually do two christmas trees, My largest is one with a pink theme!! I love pink!
    However this year I will not be doing a tree because of the move.
    But the next year I plan to go with more of a red theme. Somehow I am being drawn to red. I don't question it, because I feel everything is there for a purpose.
    Your Santa is beautiful!!

  6. Olivia, your pinks are just precious! I adore those little teapot ornies! I am hoping to decorate my little white tree in pinks for my new granddaughter who arrives around Christmastime. I too have a Christmas blog called Christmas Pudding... If you get a chance, pop over and pay me a visit, won't you? Would love to have you! Enjoy your day.


  7. Olivia
    What a beautiful blog. I love pink too. Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  8. Olivia, I'm with you I am dreaming of a shabby white Christmas!


  9. everything looks yummy!!! happy belated pink saturday...sorry I'm so late, but I've been babysitting and away from blogland!


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