Friday, August 27, 2010

Shabby Shutter Window Frame
Welcome! I would like to share with you my fabulous Shabby Rose Window!
For this window, I painted a frame several coats of white, distressed the frame and shutters with sandpaper and then rubbed a mahogany colored stain over the white. My husband attached the shutters and underneath I used a pretty cottage rose print! Yes, I am fluffing up my living room!

I think it turned out a bit Shabby and Rustic! Just Darling!
I have worked up quite the collage of "Decor" around the Shabby Shutter Rose frame!
I am striking out in a different direction, but I am really loving it....
as long as there are Roses, Shabby, Chippy, Victorian, Dangly Crystals YOU KNOW I AM A FAN!

As I discussed in the last post the chairs have been left dark to blend with the dark brown leather sofas...
of course, I am still in limbo as to whether I should shabby them or not???? The sofa is to the bottom far left, this vignette is part of my new "Cottage Victoriana" (is there such a thing)???
Anyhoo, the pretty blue mirror found a home above my side table.
Normally, I would not hang this many things on one husband likes it & I like the change what do you think?
Oh yes, and THANK YOU for all of your comments and encouragement! I am a busy mommy and I do not have time to visit all of you as much as I want but I promise I will be by to see you soon!
I am partying with Cindy at Romantic Homes
and Connie for frou frou Friday
Have a lovely and blessed day!


  1. Love it, Olivia! I am trying to find a mirror to hang behind a lamp in my living room. I have two at the moment but one is too big and the other is too small. Love your shuttered print; gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and have a splendid weekend.


  2. I love it, sweetpea. I think your home should be "featured" somewhere!

  3. Very romantic indeed!...Christine

  4. Looks very cosy and romantic, great job on the shutters! Thanks for visiting:-)

  5. Hi Olivia!
    It looks very romantic and pretty, bravo:))
    Greetings from Biljana

  6. Olivia!! This is the best ever!! I love the rose print behind the shabby shutter. That is absolutley so beautiful, I cannot find the words to say.

  7. What a unique and wonderful idea with the shutters and a frame...I love the technique you used to "shabby" them up!

    It all looks wonderful!
    I, too, have some dark pieces that I am just thinking on...

  8. Beautiful print and unique and beautiful frame. Really, I enjoyed the entire room.

  9. Olivia, if you ever get tired of the shutter frame, let me know-lol. It is beautiful and one can never put too much on a wall. It all depends on one's taste and I like the way you did it. Fabulous. I have a pair of old shutters and I'm wondering if hubby could put them on an old window I have cleaned and kept waiting for inspiration, but mine would be crisp white, I don't know how to do shabby chic, but would love to learn. Hugs, Pat

  10. Olivia,
    Love what you did with the shutters! Beautiful! And I LOVE your Victorian Romance Decor!! You know that i am a Victorian type of gal myself and love what you are doing with your decor!! i think you should keep those lovely chairs that way they are!! Love the beautiful look of the wood grain!!



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