Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~Shabby Addict~
 Treasure Hunting from last weekend...hold your breath...only $5 this is a pretty bridesmaid purse handmade by one of my neighbors! Oh so pretty!
The little iron chair was in the ladies front yard at the garage sale I was at this morning... I asked her if she would sell it to me she said ABSOLUTELY NOT! 10 seconds later she said ok...$3... you can imagine what I was screaming inside my head! YIPEE. I kept my cool thankfully!
In the chair sits a pretty pink chandelier... Shabby Heaven!
 My Wonky candles, I got 25 for $1 and then realized why.... they are a bit wonky don't ya think!
This pretty tablecloth is really a bed overlay...but it fits my table perfectly!!
 Pretty rose plates hung on newly shabbied cabinets! I used old shutters that I painted pink instead of a valance here, I just like to have a bit of a view! Check out the fluffy white curtain above! I have a pretty rose shabby chic curtain I am going to layer on it... my poor husband does not stand a chance. I still have red walls... will someone please come paint them white for me! LOL
This is part of my living room the pretty white cabinet I found for only $15 and the window I painted (3 coats to cover the awful red) and then added shutters! I finally found two pretty plates to go on each side of the platter!
Well, I would say this is a good day of Shabby Shopping! Especially since I have been out of town and pretty much cleaning all day!  Thought I would share a little eye candy with everyone!
Have a Blessed evening!
Hugs Olivia


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! It is beautiful. Can't wait to check in again and see what's new!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Wow, pretty odd to go from absolutely not for sale to a whopping $3 price.....

    Great for you though!

    Love the chandelier!!!

    And the funky purse!

  3. You did very well with your shabby finds! I also love that cabinet-only $!

    Thanks so much for for following me! I am now following you!

    So nice to "meet" you!

    Best wishes,

    PS I won't enter your beautiful giveaway since I live in Australia but I will put something about it on my blog.

  4. Hello Olivia, Thank You for your visit today. You also found some great deals. Have yourself a good day. Julian

  5. Thank you for stopping by! Looking forward to catching up on your blog! Love your blog header!!

  6. Wow! What wonderful treasures you found! Love the shutters, the chair, and those plates; beautiful! Thanks for sharing and please enter my name in your tea pot giveaway. I am now a follower also. Would love to have you stop by and say, "Hello." Have a wonderful day.


  7. Love your things, jealous of your occupation! Flea Markets are the best!

  8. Hello Olivia! Your blog is so pretty! Thanks for visiting me recently. Sorry this visit is so late...I've been up to my ears with the daily things lately....but glad I finally made it!

  9. Hi Olivia,

    I guessed this is my first visit here. Love your blog with so many beautiful things to share with us.

  10. I am soooo happy you found me, sweetpea!!! That's how I add people to my favorites or my Google Reader, when I hear from them. BTW, Olivia is my favorite name and what I'm trying to get our granddaughter to name her first child due in May. Olivia Violet or Olivia Rose. I just love that name. Not sure what she'll be name though. Isabella and Violet are her top choices. Anyway, nice to meet you and now I can keep up with every single post you blog about. What state are you in?


    Ooooooh, and I'd love to win that teapot, sugar!

  11. First off... love that chandelier! I want one for my craft room. Secondly that little puffy curtain is perfect! Where did you find it? We have this little square porthole sort of window in our kitchen that I want to hang a little valence on. That would be perfect.

  12. what an awesome idea to use a bedspread as a tablecloth!! I love the look!


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