Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Above is my darling new laundry room! Below is the lackluster before picture.

My new Laundry motivation! Keeping it looking pretty!


I am so so so excited about my new Pretty in Pink Laundry room! I spend so much time doing laundry I might as well enjoy it! Well, this is motivating me to stay on top of the big bad laundry pile! I painted the walls a soft pink called Kanuck I used this vintage shelf to cover the hot water heater. My once messy sock basket is concealed in a darling rose embellished hat box. Of course it would not be shabby without some pretty crushed roses and a dangling planter chandelier! What fun this was... next up my kitchen! Well, I hope you enjoy this little eye candy treat!


  1. It looks good. You might want to research how close to your water heater you can safely place combustable items. My husband doesn't have anything within a couple of feet of the water heater but he is mister safety.

    Last year we moved our laundry room from the basement to our main living floor. I can't beleive how much easier it is to do the clothes.

  2. Thank you for the tip! Yes, having it on the same level makes it a whole lot easier, what year it the house you are remodeling?

  3. SIGH..what an amazing transformation. WOW..just beautiful. I really loved the idea of placing a curtain up like that..I would never have thought..oh girl, you did an amazing job and have given me some great ideas.


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