Saturday, April 27, 2013

Feathering the Nest

Hello lovelies!
Time to Feather the Nest...
 A sweet little wreath I made!
My heart is in my garden this week!
Aren't these roses gorgeous?! I hope to have some this color this year.
It has still been a bit chilly, so I am just weeding and getting the ground ready for some pretty new flowers.
I recently switched to tea from coffee. 
I drink lots of green tea for it's outstanding antioxidants!
Here are some pretty tea party spots in my home...

Lovely roses teacup...
A shot of my dining room cabinet with one of my pretty hand made floral swags!
I was lucky enough to find a beautiful Victorian screen stay tuned next week I hope to have some pictures of it ready! 



  1. Love your gorgeous garland my friend, and the wreath is dreamy indeedy ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend~

  2. Your wreath is beautiful--and those roses are gorgeous! I am a huge tea drinker...drink very little coffee. I wish I liked green tea more..because I know it is better for you..I am a black tea lover:)

  3. O wat mooi Olivia. De rozen in de tuin zijn echt prachtig. En binnen al dat moois! Heerlijk al die roze kleurtjes. Nog een fijne zondag!
    lieve groetjes Brie

  4. Your tea spots are perfect and your wreath, oh my! I would love to come and have tea with you!


  5. Olivia, that's about the sweetest little wreath I've ever seen. So like your blog. Have a Blessed day. Trisha

  6. Olivia, I love all your beautiful photos. The pearls with the teapot, is so sweet. I have not been to visit your site as my computer the past year has limited my access to some sites. I wish you well. xoxo,Susie

  7. Love the wreath! Your pictures are so charming, each one made me smile. I feel refreshed in spirit. Happy to have found your post at Beverly's Pink Saturday.

  8. New GFC follower. Really like your shop items and your post on The Polka Dot Closet!

    -Brittany Ruth


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