Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh La La We Love Pink!
Hello all my darling pink lovin friends!
I was at a tag sale yesterday loading up so I did not have to garage sale all morning (my sweet 3 year old was with me, no further explaining to do) 
...I was going back and forth between tables when this beauty appeared...the Rose Teapot...the angels are singing oh what a beautiful find! Am I going to hoard this teapot for awhile? Yes maam, you better believe it...
A Happy Little tea cart full of Shabby Birdhouses and what nots
I still have not found a good used, my husband hung a clothes line in our backyard and I picked up this darling little clothespin bag hand made by a friend of mine...

We can't forget about a little pink fun for ourselves..
I found another pink purse! 
$1 ~I know its a fake, but who cares~LOVE IT!
Of course, I love Victoria's Secret Pink lotion too!
Please stop by Beverly at for more pink goodness!
Ta Ta for now!
Squishy Hugs,


  1. Hi Olivia! I love pink! Wow, such a beautiful teapot:) Hugs, Biljana

  2. Hi always make me smile when I stop by....your fake bag is adorable, I love it too!!~ Your tea cart is perfectly decorated too. I love it all. Have a great weekend. Debbie

  3. Hi Oliva... just stopping in to say hello and best wishes for a lovely week....

  4. Hi Olivia, Just looking at all your sweet pinks, wants me to get with it and start doing the Pink Saturday thing once again. I adore your bird houses, something I have a few myself. Good Luck finding a dryer, mine went out, and I had it replaced by a used cooking monster dryer. All that things does is stay way to hot and keeps going. If I don't get there soon enough my clothes would end of burning up. So I'm in need of a dryer too... keep looking girl, just don't get one like I have. haha

    Happy Pinks*

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Miss O! LOVE that teapot ensemble. What a great garage sale find. Doesn't tag-sale-shopping make you swoon?

    Blessings for a lovely day~


  6. Oooh, lucky you to find such beautiful pink treasures!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. Hi Olivia :) What a score finding that sweet teapot!! And how wonderful to have found another sweet pink purse....I still don't have one :( We have a dryer, but I love to hang clothes outside during the warm summer months; makes the clothes smell so good!

    Have a great weekend, and a Happy Pink Saturday!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  8. Yay..such super gorgeous pinks..and so mnay charming treasures! Beautiful post!

  9. >>>How precious...the wonderful treasures you found!!!! Makes me "homesick" to see you! God surely blesses you w/such prizes!! Lookin forward to seeing you soon! Everything is gorgeous!!! Love & Hugs~~Sherry

  10. We LOOOOOOOVE pink, sugar, looooooove it! Happy pink saturday.

  11. Olivia, I am so envious of your teapot. It is gorgeous!! I know its sinful to covet but I am coveting your teapot!! Hugs

  12. I love that teapot, it looks like Royal Albert!


  13. Love that sweet tea pot!!
    And I really like the fabric of the clothes pin back!!
    Such pretty pieces!!


  14. Hi Olivia,
    I'm still making my rounds for Pink Saturday and yours are all so lovely! Love the teapot and birdhouses; some of my favourite things! Pretty clothes pin hanger too. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.


  15. Love that tea cart. If it were mine it would be filled with plants! xo


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