Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birdhouse Makeover from Drab to Fab!!!
To the right is a very mistreated birdhouse with hot glue stuck to the front and a half painted roof...
Waa Laaaa! It has been to the Shabby Chic Beauty Salon and gotten the works! 
First I painted it white with a pretty pink roof! 
Then I added a pretty rose decal to the front, I had a hard time getting it to stick so I had to let the wood glue dry over night and then paint over my glue mess. LOL~
It found a home on my entryway table. 
Hope you liked it, I think it turned out really was super cheap. Thats what I love!
Check back for the Shabby Bench Redo!
Hugs Olivia


  1. Hi Olivia! What a precious birdhouse! I love all you've done to it. Now that vintage buffet is so beautiful. I have one very similar to it but mine isn't painted white.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me and I do hope you'll come back sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  2. Hi Olivia! We love cheap! And we really love cheap and pretty!! Your birdhouse is adorable. HPS and a wonderful weekend to you. xoxo Lynn

  3. What a brilliant job you've done - from frumpy to totally fabulous. And I love the way you've displayed it, on your dressing table. How original! It's made a lovely vignette.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Happy PinK, Olivia...

    What a transformation...too sweet. I've got two out on the back porch that are beyond shabby and need to be *properly* that word? It is now. ♥

    Thanks for coming over for a visit..come back anytime.

    Stephanie ♥

  5. Hi Olivia,
    I just love what you did to the birdhouse! It is really sweet now. I love what a coat of white paint can do. I also love the table you have it all sitting on! Love the glass knobs too! Thanks for sharing your shabby things; lovin the shabbiness!


  6. Oh I do love that! You should check out Pink Saturday if you don't already {I haven't gotten into your archives yet}. You can see it here:

  7. Hi Olivia!
    Oh My..a wonderful make over for you birdhouse. I love your sweet vinette in your entry way as well!
    Happy PINK!

  8. Hi Olivia, playing catch up on my blogs over the weekend. Love your birdhouse makeover!! I have 5 or 6 that are in desperate need of a makeover job!

  9. Happy Pink Saturday. I have become a follower. I love the birdhouse and ladder so gorgeous

  10. Hi Olivia, Thanks for visiting my blog, Comin' Home. Your blog is very pretty! Great job on the birdhouse makeover!

  11. Good morning Olivia, I love your birdhouse after the makeover.. you are so talented and can turn others stuff into a treasure...
    My granddaughter's name is also Olivia...

    I am hoping to win your teapot giveaway..I have three teapots in my collection so far..
    Have a good week-end... hugs, Baba

  12. Great birdhouse re-do! You seem to have the perfect spot for it too. Thanks for visiting Recaptured Charm. I have become a follower as well!

  13. Hi Olivia,

    What a great job you did fuffing up that lovely birdhouse. You have so inspired me to get my projects ready for painting once the weather warms us a bit here in N.E. I have birdhouses, vintage trays and some pretty flower buckets to get ready for summer decorating.

    I'm really pumped up now to get going. Now only if our weather would cooperate.

    Have a great weekend.


  14. What a great job you did. Love the colors on the birdhouse! Off to explore your blog!

  15. What a great job you did on the birdhouse. I love your buffet now the way you have it decorated. I just became a follower and thank you for stopping by my blog!

  16. Such fun ideas! Thanks for sharing. I would LOVE to be in your drawing for the T-pot - I love this look. Thansk for stopping by my blog! Paula from Idaho

  17. I'm late for the pink party, but enjoying my visits anyway! Your birdhouse is so pretty! ...great healing from its session in paint therepy! I am your newest follower. Thanks for checking out Youngest One's prom pics. until next Saturday...

  18. Olivia, you can do anything, can't you? What a lovely blog you have. My daughter loves loves loves this style. I'm sending her over too.

  19. Olivia- I love it! It turned out FABULOUS! The rose decal is the perfect tough! :)

  20. Olivia, didn't I comment on this, sugar??? I could have sworn I did. Anyway, I'm giving you a plug on your blog on next Pink Saturday. Just to let you know. Ooooooh, and what are you going to do with that other little step stool? I want to see it shabby chic-ed up also. Put the kids to bed and get working, chick!
    :-) <-------Me smiling at ya....

  21. Hi Olivia! Thank you for your visit today! I loved my visit to your blog..very lovely..and I really like what you did with the birdhouse.
    hugs back at ya...xo Tami

  22. Hi Olivia! You did a great job on the birdhouse! You are a shining shabby star!!

  23. Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for coming over to visit my blog and leaving such a nice comment. From the moment I saw your blog header and read your first post I knew that I had to become a follower.
    I love your style. Is that your booth picture?
    I have a booth too and I love shabby and
    romantic style.
    I'll be back often. Right now I'm going snooping around your blog.


  24. What a pretty glad you stopped by so I could return the visit and find such a beautiful blog!! Now I will follow you, would love to win your sweet adorable I need another one..but I am addicted to pretty teapots!! LOL.

    Thanks again for your sweet visit and good luck in my giveaway!!

    Miss Bloomers

  25. A very pretty transformation!!!!

    Thanks for visiting Linderhof!

  26. cheap...but chic... perfection! Thanks for inviting me by.. so glad that I did... birds of a feather SHOULD flock together!

    hugs. Dixie

  27. You certainly turned it into something lovely. Love the subtle color of pink you used on the rood and the decals you added gives it a lovely finish too.


    (thanks for the visit and inviting me in your home here in blogland :-) )

  28. Hello, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your makeover's, you did a fantastic job! Your blog is adorable, so many pretty shabby pink things here!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  29. Oh...the birdhouse is so cute now...and fits right in with your other things. Fabulous.

  30. Thank you for joining me over at my blog. I'm delighted to return the favor. Love your blog and your style. Taking time to browse through it all. It's fab!


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