Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shabby Chic Dining Room

 Hello my sweet and beautiful friends!
This week I am sharing more photos from my Casa Romantica Shabby Chic photo shoot!
These are from my dining room.
My darling friend Sherry did such a fabulous job capturing it all!

 I love having fresh roses to play with on my table!
If I could afford it, I would have them in my home in every room all the time!

 My little vintage secretary that I drug home from a tag sale and painted up white!
It was missing the glass on the doors, so I decided to use old curtain lace.
 I am such a nutt for pretty vintage dishes...
 Yummy Shabbydazzle birdhouse.
 Loving Spring time with all the darling pastel Easter candies!
Who can resist pink peeps.

Thank you stopping by and visiting my little Shabby Chic Dining Room!

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  1. Olivia, I love your dining room. It is so sweet looking. I like that you put some teacups on hooks in the cupboard.Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Olivia, I love your pretty in pink dining room.....
    Your vintage plates are beautiful, and who could resist having such pretty pink roses on top of the table, nothing says romantic then roses ;-)
    Have a great weekend...


  3. How charming and welcoming a place! It seems as if I'm looking into an exquisite dollhouse that's awaiting our arrival to tea.

    Isn't it amazing the effect that pink and lace have upon our souls---it's soothing and refreshing and oh, so comfortable, with the florals and whites and tender touches of whimsy. I'm immediately drawn to such settings, for it's as if I can walk into one of those elaborate miniatures inside the gorgeous Easter eggs I used to covet.

    Thank you for such a welcome into your beautiful home. After this dark, cold Winter, the bright cheer and fey charm of the room, especially the white secretary, have inspired me to make plans NOW to paint this old knotty-pine "hutch" from the fifties. I've had the KILZ and the paint and a lovely assortment of pastel knobs for quite a few years, and this WILL BE THE YEAR. Just the anticipation makes Spring seem closer, and everything brighter.


  4. Olivia- I wish I had words better than beautiful and pretty to describe your dining room...but it is just gorgeous! I wish I could see it in person-I have a feeling it is sweetly scented, too- xo Diana

  5. It is so beautiful--I always enjoy photos of your home!

  6. Your dining room is divine and very romantic. You deserve the magazine!


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