Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ok, today was beautiful! I mean GORGEOUS! I REALLY needed to clean instead I painted, crafted and decorated! In all of my new cottage magazines they are showing pictures of romantic outdoor decorating! So you know me....I break out the paintbrush and pillows and here is what happened to the front of my house!
Note~ The rescued teapot with the reattached handle!!
Above is my $3 Teacart and wimpy approach to gardening! Yes, they are all fake but oh so pretty!
Above is the bench Josh built out of a free twin bed we found at a garage sale! I am dying to buy the Shabby Chic Pillows at Target, but alas they are $25 Plus each!!!!!!!!!!Not in my thrifty budget!
 The full porch view! So pretty! I love my home, but wouldn't be pretty painted white with light green shutters?!
Hope you enjoyed your Saturday day off as much as I did!
~Hugs Olivia

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  1. Your tea cart made me gasp out loud! That is my absolute FAVORITE shade of blue! Not bright and not baby...just perfect. And what a wonderful idea with the recycled bed! I need a bench for my entryway but didn't want to spend $200 on one.


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